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Exercise is crucial for your general well being. It affects your mood, stress levels, strength, energy levels, and so many other things. As a stressed college student, exercise is an important thing to include in your lifestyle. We know you’re busy with your social life and homework, so here are just a few easy exercise routines to get you going.

  • Start small! If you’re not up for completely switching around your routine, doing small exercises in your pajamas can be a great way to get started! When you wake up in the morning, do 30 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 10 sit ups, and some stretches. You can do all of this in your pajamas in your bedroom without even leaving your college apartment by UVU. After one week of this, you may be ready to add in more reps and exercises.
  • Take a fitness class! Exercise can be really fun if you let it. Sign up for a spin class at the local gym, or see what classes the UVU gym is offering! Going to zumba with your roommates can be a really fun social activity, and a great way to get you up and moving. Even if you live in off campus housing by UVU, there are plenty of options nearby. Not into zumba or spin? Give kickboxing a try! Kickboxing is a great way to let out all of your stress from school, and get in a really good workout.
  • Go to the gym! Whether you grab a gym buddy, or go by yourself, going to the gym can be really good for you. There’s a reason some college apartments by UVU have fitness centers, it’s a really convenient way to work out! You don’t need to memorize whole workouts. Head over to the gym, hit the treadmill for 10 minutes, and then go to the weights machines. Make sure you know how to properly use them first so that you don’t injure yourself. Find the weight that is barely above your comfort zone and start there. You can find machines at the gym to exercise every muscle in your body.

Is it too inconvenient to get up and leave your student housing by UVU? Axis has a luxury fitness center, a Cycle-Cinema spin room, and a yoga/dance studio! Whichever way you prefer to exercise, you can do it all conveniently within your apartment complex! Apply to Axis today and live your healthiest life!

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