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Deciding to live off-campus instead of the dorm rooms during your college days is when real adulting begins. When we talk about adulting, there are a lot of things that come into play, so adulting may look a lot different according to different people, but it will have some similarities. If you are moving out of your home for the first time for college and you have decided to live off-campus, you should be prepared for a lot of changes in your life. So, if you are looking into Off Campus Housing in Orem, here’s a brief overview of how you should expect adulting to look like:

Cooking Your Own Meal: When you were living with your parents, most of your meals were definitely prepared by them or get takeouts sometimes. The same goes for college dorm rooms, as there usually is a general mealtime. However, the scenario will be a lot different once you start living off-campus whether it’s with your friends or alone. You can expect to do a lot of cooking, even though you do not enjoy doing it. Yes, you can always order from outside, but it will get costly in the long run. So, you should expect to see yourself prepping for a meal at least once or twice a day.

If You Haven’t Used A Toolbox Before, Expect To Get One Soon: You may have never used a toolbox in your life before, but once you start living off-campus, you should always keep on in your home, as it will come in handy. You can always rely on experts, but you should expect to make some simple repairs every now and then, so it will come in handy if you have a basic toolbox in your apartment and you know how to use it. If you have a leaky pipe, you can always use duct tape to fix it, but that’s a temporary and unrealistic solution, so keep a toolbox handy.

Prepare To Change Your Car Tire: You may already know how to change a car tire yourself, but if you do not know how to, perhaps you should consider looking it up. It will always come in handy if you know how to change tires yourself, as there can be unforeseen circumstances and situations. When your car breaks down, you can always find how-to videos and instructions online, but there may be situations when these videos are inaccessible, so for this reason, consider learning how to change a tire.

Learn The Basic Safety Procedures: Since you will be looking after and taking care of yourself, you should be aware of the basic safety procedures in case of emergencies and difficult situations. For this, you can always ask the District Officer Representative, this way, you can keep yourself and your belongings safe and secure.

You Should Be Prepared For Any Severe Weather Condition: There can always be natural disasters, so you should be prepared for anything. This means you need to have a first-aid tool kit in place, and you need to know whether there’s a shelter in the building. Regarding the shelter, you can always consult with your landlord or the building manager, whichever is more convenient for you. And if there’s no safe shelter, you can always find the nearest one, in case of disasters.

Learn How To Put Out A Fire: While it is crucial for everyone to know the basic fire safety procedure, being aware of this will come in handy when you are living off-campus. In case of fire, you should know the safety drill so that you can get yourself and others to safety. There will always be a fire extinguisher in every place, so you should learn how to use it.

If you have decided to live in Off Campus Housing by Utah Valley University, be prepared to step into adulthood.

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