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Location is an important factor when choosing where to live, especially when it comes to UVU student housing. To help you get an idea of our location at Axis Luxury Student Living, we’ve made a list of four great restaurants nearby!

5 Star BBQ

5 Star BBQ is just a 3 minute drive from Axis! This longtime family-owned restaurant will have your mouth watering with their homestyle barbecue. 5 Star BBQ is located inside a house! Just off of Geneva Road, 5 Star BBQ is a large traditional family home that has been remodeled into a fun and cozy restaurant. Some nights when dining on the second floor, you might even be lucky enough to have some live music. Only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of UVU apartments, you can enjoy a family style meal in one of Orem’s most iconic restaurants.


Culver’s is a classic. Whether you want to try their butter burger, cheese curds, or the frozen custard flavor of the day, you’re sure to leave happy. Culver’s is only 6 minutes away from Axis! You can sign up to receive a monthly calendar of ‘the flavor of the day’, and head on out of your Orem student living to enjoy some great ice cream with your roommates.

Five Sushi Brothers Go!

Five Sushi Brothers Go! Is located just 6 minutes away from UVU inside Walmart. Their aim is to provide quality sushi at an affordable price, and they also offer FREE delivery! So even on the days where you don’t feel like leaving your cozy apartment by UVU, you can still get great sushi!

Pizzeria Seven Twelve

With only an 8 minute drive from the Axis to Pizzeria Seven Twelve, you’ve got to try it out. They offer high quality wood fire pizzas, along with some delectable salads, appetizers, and entrees. Try out their bianca bread, chicken & dumplings, or a classic pepperoni pizza. Just take a quick look at their menu and your mouth will be watering.

Living in student housing in Orem doesn’t mean you have to give up going to your favorite restaurant, quite the opposite actually! Discover your new favorite restaurant within a couple miles of your apartment! When it comes to location, Axis Luxury Student Living is tough to beat.

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