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Students from different nations enrolled in UVU university don’t prefer living in a university dorm, as there will be issues especially in food culture and lifestyle differences. So they mostly opt to live off-campus which enables them to have a comfortable stay and live life their way without having to make any adjustments, whether it be in a matter of eating habits or living style. So, The Axis Luxury Student Living is a prime living option for students from all over. Our luxury off-campus housing by UVU gives a sense of freedom to residents and allows them to pursue their studies peacefully. Read about even more benefits below!

  1. The Axis has a various range of lease costs, so that students can experience luxury living their way. It is extremely easy and a smooth process to apply for a lease. You can choose a private room in either our 3 bed 3 bath or 4 bed 4 bath apartments. Students looking for added privacy can lease a 1 bed 1 bath private apartment.
  2. Choosing off campus housing in Orem gives students the privilege to explore the city, while still peacefully studying at their comfort zone. Residents have the independence to pursue their interests such as music, dance, painting, fitness, through our extensive amenities.
  3. Moving into a private student apartment makes one self-reliant. Students can learn basic life skills like cooking, cleaning, taking care of themselves, and managing their life while studying. It allows students to take charge of their life and makes them better individuals in the long run.
  4. Private apartments enable students to peacefully focus on studies without having to worry about encroachment in personal space by anyone, unlike university dorms. It lets them focus on getting good grades, peacefully study, and prepare for a bright future ahead. So, if you are determined to score top and study consistently during extra hours then moving into one of our private apartments is a smart move to make.

If you want to enjoy luxury living with a balanced student life, apply to the Axis today!

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